Section D : Manufacturing
Division 28 : Manufacture of fabricated metal products, Except machinery and Equipments
Group Class Sub - Class Description
281     Manufacture of structural metal products, tanks, reservoirs and steam generators
  2811   Manufacture of structural metal products
    28111 Manufacture of doors, windows and their frames, shutters and rolling shutters ; fire escapes, gates and similar articles of iron or steel used on buildings
    28112 Manufacture of fabricated structural products of iron or steel: bridges and bridge parts, towers, masts, columns, girders, trusses, arches, sluice gates, piers and jetties. Erection of the structures from self-manufactured parts is included
    28113 Manufacture of fabricated structural products of metal other than of iron or steel
    28118 Repair and maintenance of structural products
    28119 Manufacture of other structural metal products n.e.c.
  2812   Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal [ includes manufacture of containers of metal for compressed or liquified gas. Also includes manufacture of central heating boilers and radiators. Manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and similar containers of types normally installed as fixtures for storage or manufacturing use of metal, whether or not fitted with tops, closures, or lined with materials other than iron, steel or aluminium]
    28121 Manufacture of containers of metal for compressed or liquified gas such as gas cylinders
    28122 Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and similar containers
    28123 Manufacture of central heating boilers, radiators and its parts and accessories
    28128 Repair and maintenance of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
    28129 Manufacture of other containers n.e.c. (manufacture of drums, cans, boxes etc, of a kind commonly used for conveyance or packing goods, even of large size, is classified in class 2899 whereas manufacture of reservoirs, tanks etc. for use described above but fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment is classified in class 2919)
  2813   Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boiler
    28131 Manufacture of steam or other vapour generating boilers and hot water boilers other than central heating boilers
    28132 Manufacture of nuclear reactors for all purposes other than isotopes separators (processing of nuclear fuel is classified in 2330)
    28133 Manufacture of auxiliary plant for use with boilers, such as economizers, super-heaters, steam collectors and accumulators; soot removers, gas recoverers and sludge scrapers and their parts and accessories
    28138 Repair and maintenance of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
    28139 Manufacture of other steam generators (except central eating hot water boilers) n.e.c
289     Manufacture of other fabricated metal products; metal working service activities
  2891 28910 Forging, pressing , stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
  2892 28920 Treatment and coating of metals; general mechanical engineering on a fee or contract basis
  2893   Manufacture of cutlery, hand tools and general hardware
    28931 Manufacture of metal articles in and about the house: knives and knife blades; other articles of cutlery; including cleavers and choppers, razors and razor blades, scissors, hair clippers and nail clippers; spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, fish knives, tongs and other articles for use at table or in the kitchen
    28932 Manufacture of tools of a kind used in agriculture, horticulture or forestry; of a kind used in carpentry, cabinet work or other wood work; of a kind used for mechanical assembly work; of a kind used in sheet metal work; and in other trades
    28933 Manufacture of locks, padlocks, keys and other hardware for buildings, furniture, vehicles or other appliances n.e.c.
    28939 Manufacture of general hardware n.e.c. [ saws and saw blades, including circular saw blades and chainsaw blades, knives and cutting blades for machines or for mechanical appliances; interchangeable tools for hand tools, whether or not power operated, or for machine tools (drills, punches, dies, milling cutters, unmounted tool tips, plates or sticks of sintered metal carbides or cermets etc.); blacksmith’s tools including forges and anvils ; and vices, clamps, blow lamps and the like.]
  2899   Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.
    28991 Manufacture of metal fasteners (nails, rivets, tacks, pins, staples, washers and similar non-threaded products and nuts, bolts, screws and other threaded products); springs including semi-finished springs for all purposes other than watch springs; metal chains (other than power transmission chains) and weights and measures
    28992 Manufacture of containers used for packing or conveyance of goods: casks, drums, pails, cans, boxes etc. (manufacture of railway and ship containers used in container-traffic is classified 3420)
    28993 Manufacture of reinforced safes, vaults, strongroom doors and gates and the like
    28994 Manufacture of metal sanitaryware, including baths, sinks, wash basins, and other metal sanitary and toilet articles, whether or not enamelled
    28995 Manufacture of metal artware (statues, picture frames, and other decorative articles including trophies)
    28996 Manufacture of hollow-ware, dinnerware or flatware whether or not of base metal plated with precious metal; fry pans, sauce pans, and other metal cooking utensils
    28997 Manufacture of pressure cookers and other small hand operated kitchen appliances used in preparation, conditioning or serving of food
    28998 Manufacture of metal goods for office use, other than metal furniture
    28998A Repair and maintenance of other fabricated metal products n.e.c
    28999 Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c : metal cable, plaited bands and similar articles; articles made of wire barbed wire, wire fencing etc.): cutlasses, swords, bayonets and similar arms; type foundings metal safety headgear; railway or tramway fixtures or fittings (e.g. assembled track, turntables, platform buffers etc.); ship’s propellers, anchors, belts, flexible tubing, clasps, buckles, hooks, metal scouring pads, sign plates and so forth
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