Section N : Health and Social work
Division 85 : Health and Social work
Group Class Sub - Class Description
851     Human health activities
  8511 85110 Hospital activities.[Includes the activities of general and specialized hospitals, sanatoria, asylums, rehabilitation centres, dental centres and other health institutions that have accommodation facilities, including military base and prison hospitals]
  8512   Medical and dental practice activities. [Includes consultation and treatment activities of general physicians and medical specialists including dentists
    85121 Medical practice activities
    85122 Dental practice activities
  8519   Other human health activities [Includes all activities for human health other than by hospitals and medical doctors and dentists]
    85191 Activities of Ayurveda practitioners
    85192 Activities of Unani practitioners
    85193 Activities of homeopaths
    85194 Activities of nurses, physiotherapists or other para-medical practitioners
    85195 Activities of independent diagnostic/pathological laboratories
    85196 Activities of independent blood banks
    85197 Medical Transcription activities
    85199 Other human health activities n.e.c. (including independent ambulance activities
852 8520 85200 Veterinary activities [including clinico-pathological and other diagnostic activities pertaining to animals and birds]
853     Social work activities
  8531 85310 Social work activities with accommodation. [Includes the activities of orphanages, children boarding homes and hostels, residential nurseries, juvenile correction homes, homes for the aged, homes for physically or mentally handicapped etc. ]
  8532 85320 Social work activities without accommodation. [Includes a variety of social, counselling, welfare, refugee, referral and similar services to individuals and families in their homes or elsewhere. They may be carried out by government offices or by private charitable organisations. Examples include day-care centres for children (creches), day care activities for the handicapped; welfare and guidance activities for the children etc].
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